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www.Dead-Sea-Salt.com is an internet based offical distributor of Mineral Care, one of the largest Dead Sea cosmetic producers.

Mineral Care is world known for its skincare and cosmetics products, based on Dead Sea minerals, Dead Sea salts and natural plant extracts.

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Mineral Care's mineral Dead Sea products are marketed in over 35 countries, and is the leading bueaty products and cosmetics brand of Intercosma, a cosmetic industry leader and pioneer from 1960.

The Dead Sea Mineral Care products combine the Dead Sea's finest minerals with scientific anti-aging formulas and natural ingridients to produce a unique line of Dead Sea cosmetics.

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Mineral Care's Dead Sea cosmetics produce a large range of skin care products that help nourish, hydrate and rejuvinate your skin, reducing signs of premature aging.

Mineral Care's Dead Sea salt products are dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS!!!  

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Utilizing the latest laboratory research from around the globe into how skin can change and age over the course of a lifetime, Mineral Care has developed unique, scientifically based product lines with solutions for all skin types and age groups.  An in-house laboratory carefully selects potential ingredients for their ability to promote the cell-regeneration process and boost renewed skin elasticity.  Mineral Care's remarkable complex is based on the curative qualities inherent in Dead Sea minerals and salts along with essential vitamins, natural plant extracts and oils - borage seed oil, olive oil, jojoba and evening primrose oil- and other active agents and ingredients. 

Mineral Care's Dead Sea cosmetics are used worldwide by both men and women of all ages with oily, dry and regular skin types. 

Sold in leading department stores globally, Mineral Care has onsite expert beauty consultants who provide personal product guidance.  When you choose a cleanser, moisturizer, or serum, rest assured that it works perfectly with your skin type and fits your daily lifestyle routine.  

Mineral Care's dedication to excellence means your skin will achieve and maintain a healthy, youthful appearance.  As part of a daily beauty regime, your radiant inner potential will come through – your skin looks and feels renewed.

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Phone- 972-547296988  (In Israel).

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